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The Tin Miner Pasty
Morrisons Supermarket


The Cornish Pasty can proudly present a commercial two-course pasty .....


The Tin Miner Pasty - from Morrisons Supermarket.



The label on the packaging



Identifying the normal savoury end of the pasty .....



A flake of pastry identifying the apple end of the pasty.



Label on the rear of the packaging.



Inside the pasty: savoury filling (left) and apple filling (right),
with no partition, en 'ee works a treat!


This web site has long supported the idea of the pasty-with-"afters" like Mother used to make sometimes, presenting the following pages on the subject ..... ..... .....


Pasties with "afters" .....
also called Two-course pasty, Double-ended pasty, Cornish miner's pasty, Cornish whole-meal pasty, Dinner-and-dessert pasty, Sweet-and-savoury pasty, Iron miner's pasty, Finnish miner's pasty, Great pasty


The pasty was purchased on 15 Sept. 2012 and proved to be a jolly good one, we are more than happy to report. After re-warming, the vegetables and the apple were still nicely crisp to the bite and the minced beef was also very good- it tasted every bit as good as mine. If you get an opportunity to try this old, truly traditional Tin Miner Pasty - you really must! Also, at just 1.39, it is very good value. Of course, the wife had hers proper but I had to eat mine with a knife and fork, having cut the top off'n.

The next quest is to find out who makes these pasties for the supermarket chain, I wonder if it might be Crantock Bakery, who entertained me well when I had a tour of their establishment. They already make a wide range of pasties, including a very nice pork and apple one (click "Speciality").

Once again, you get the facts from The Cornish Pasty!


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