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The Cornish Pasty presents a copy of an article that appeared in the Plymouth newspaper, The Herald, on Tuesday 21st September 2010 .....


The political pasty - baked with a message to the Government in support of Devonport Naval Base  

Image reproduced by permission of The Herald.
The original article may be viewed online here.

The iconic Plymouth pasty shop of Ron Dewdney Ltd. has baked a 7 lb giant pasty to show their support for the Devonport Naval Base in the present situation with the impending UK Government Strategic Defence and Security Review which is expected to wield an axe to government spending. The Sunday Times reported recently that the MOD is expected to axe 1.5 billion from its budget. Cuts of that magnitude are bound to have far-reaching effects and if Plymouth is to bear the large share of them then the local economy, and employment opportunities, will be badly affected. NB. The Ron Dewdney shop is now owned by Ivor Dewdney (informed by email 28th Jan. 2016).

This particular Devon pasty can only be wished all success by this web site - The Cornish Pasty.


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