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Hayle - the pasty capital

The Cornish town with six pasty shops


The Cornish Pasty webmaster knows that Hayle has three of the best-known makers of pasties in the County, in alphabetical order:

  • Hampsons

  • Philps

  • Warrens


Hampsons sign above the shop
"Established 1966"


Hampsons shop off Foundry Square

Hampsons, Chapel Terrace, Hayle - meats and pasties
Visit their new website -
Hampsons of Hayle

Hampsons mural by Margret Ryan

Breeds (from left)
Charolais, Simmental,
Shetland, Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, (lamb), Devon, Belgian Blue, Saddleback, Limosin & calf
NB - the Shetland is the brown-faced sheep and the Saddleback is the pig

Something special in Hampsons shop - a mural showing the different breeds of cow
in a montage of six photographs

This really is something a bit special - and you know where to find it
- over the pasty counter!

The mural was painted by my cousin
Margret Ryan, who lives in Hayle

Margret is an accomplished artist
and undertakes commissions

She can be contacted through my email link

Margret Ryan
Detail from right-hand end

My thanks to Oona Hampson and David for their cooperation in the above efforts .....


Philps Shop, Foundry Hill, Hayle Philps Bakery, East Quay, Hayle
Philps Pasty Shop, Foundry Hill, Hayle Philps Pasty Bakery, East Quay, Hayle

Philps pasties were famous when I was a boy in Hayle .....
now they have concerns in Leedstown and Marazion, too.


Hampsons, Fore Street, Copperhouse

Hampsons, Fore Street, Copperhouse, meats, pasties and sweets

Warrens, Fore Street, Copperhouse

Warrens, Fore Street, Copperhouse, pasties and sandwiches


Warrens, Foundry Square, Hayle
Warrens, Foundry Square, Hayle, pasties shop

Father-in-law's sweet & tobacconist shop before it became Warrens at Foundry Square, Hayle

An old family photograph
This was Father-in-law's shop in former times - another family connection
He also used to sell Father's tomatoes in the summer - yet another family connection!
The corrugated roof seems to be the same, as do the windows above
and the telegraph pole at the right side!

The glass canopy was replaced a long time ago with a sunblind, operated with a pole

Proprietor - Richard Owen Clemence
Born Hayle 23 Feb 1893 in Mexico Terrace, Mexico Towans, Phillack
Died Hayle 11 July 1975 aged 82 years
Photo taken circa 1950?

Local history lessons, too!

( ..... dare I point out above another mention of "Mexico",
as mentioned HERE and HERE .....
..... not only Mexico Towans,
but there is also
Mexico Lane, Mexico Terrace and Mexico Close in Hayle ..... )

Now, there is a whole page about .....
"The Mexican Connection"


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As you can now see, Hayle is a very fortunate town when it comes to the Cornish pasty .....


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