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The Cornish Pasty bids you welcome to a little piece of Cornwall .......

The pasty is a Cornish icon - along with clotted cream, fishing boats, the beaches, surfing, King Arthur, Merlin, Excalibur, Land's End, Lyonesse, Tintagel, "Trelawny", Trelawny's Army & saffron cake.

Not everything you hear about the pasty is true and anything like that here can be found under "Yarns & Folklore" - the rest is true or plausible enough as could be proved drekkly.

Warning to viewers of a sensitive nature : the Cornish word "bleddy" is used occasionally, where 'ee's needed, but it is never gratuitous. Young maids should avert their eyes when they see'n.

Whoever would have thought a farmer's boy like me, who really did "work the land" and tend the trees in Father's orchard would end up, in his 60's (in fact, now a state pensioner), being on one of these new electric web sites?!

The web site edn't finished yet, so  you'd better come back again, drekkly.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your pasty .....

You can see what there is so far by clicking on HERE

Or ..... you can look at this pasty joke .....

Jack, the miner, and his mate, Sam, had forgotten their pasties for croust.  Another mate, called Ephraim, come to the rescue with a gert piece of evva cake. Jack broke'n in two. One bit was smaller than th' other and he gave this bit to Sam.

"That 'edn fair," said Sam. "I'd have never done that! I'd have given you the big bit if I'd broken un."

"Well, I've got the big bit, so what are 'ee complainin' about?"

There's always something to learn about the Cornish Pasty .....


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