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Image reproduced by kind permission of Humaira Ghilzai 2009

Afghan bolani reproduced from Afghan Culture Unveiled
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The Cornish Pasty is finding that the frequency of discovering new pasty-like dishes to describe on the web site is declining, we like to believe that we already have most of them but every once in a while along comes a "pasty" that is new to us. On this page we see the Afghan Bolani - essentially a potato and scallion turnover.  These are made with unleavened bread dough filled with potato and onions or taro root (kachaloo), Chinese green onions (gandana), spinach, lentils, buttermilk squash or other vegetables. The dough can vary according to the chef and whether or not short-cuts are used, such as tortillas. I must try them with Cornish pastry - naturally!

Bolanni are made for special occasions such as birthdays etc. They can be made as an appetizer to a meal and can go well in children's lunch boxes. They can also be reheated in a toaster - these are versatile turnovers!

The complete recipe, in fact two recipes (one making your own dough and a shortcut using flour tortillas), as well as some interesting feedback messages, can be found on the original blog page: Afghan Bolani and Scallion Turnover, 30 Dec 2009 on the Afghan Culture Unveiled web site. There are a few other photographs following the process. The web site is well worth a look, not just for food..


Acknowledgement: "Thank you" to Humaira Ghilzai for permission to use the image above from her blog entry dated 30 Dec. 2009, Afghan Culture Unveiled, on The Cornish Pasty.


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