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This is an online pasty-by-mail order concern in Kearsarge, near Calumet, in the Upper Peninsula area of Michigan, USA, delivered by UPS and FedEx .....

The area has a long history of mining

The pasty recipe is a trade secret but they contain beef, pork, potatoes, rutabaga, carrots, onions and spices,


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The web site has a page of Frequently Asked Questions about themselves and their pasties HERE

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The pasty is a real cultural icon in this area, to the extent that they have an annual PASTYFEST - this includes a competition in which entrants must have three pasties ready for judging!!!

Wikipedia - Cornish pasty tells us .....

The pasty is widespread in the USA, it is found in .....

There is also a web blog about pasties in San Francisco, on the west coast - HERE

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Cornish Pasty Co at Tempe, Arizona, has a TREMENDOUS range of different types of pasty on their "Menu" link - check it out !!! 


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