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Spanakotiropita / spanakotiropites

Also: the Μπουρέκι, bouréki, or Μπουρεκάκι, bourekáki
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Turkish pasties page, as a variation of the börek (Turkey)


Reproduced with permission from Madame Cupcake's delicious one blogspot


Spanish Wikipedia - Spanakotiropita  .....

Spanakotiropites - The main ingredient is usually stuffed cheese called feta.

The spanakotiropites are a traditional Greek meal whose preparation and appearance are remarkably similar to those of empanadas argentinas, although the dimensions of the spanakotiropites are fairly minor.

The most popular recipe of spanakotiropites is one in which the filler dominate the aforementioned feta cheese and spinach.


Ackmowledgement: Thanks to the owner of the delicious one food blog for permission to use the Spanakotiropites photograph above.


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