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Pasty crimper - a kitchen tool


If you search the electric internet, you can find a simple labour-saving device to crimp-up your pasties for you. Here 'ee is:


Pasty crimper - fully open Pasty crimper - slightly closed
Fully opened


Slightly closed


Pasty crimper - near-fully closed, viewed from above Pasty crimper - near-fully closed, end view
Near-fully closed, from above


Near-fully closed, end view


Pasty crimper - with pastry, ready to make a pasty

Showing a layer of pastry,
ready to make a pasty


Pasty made using the crimping tool View of the crust made by the crimper
A pasty made using the pasty crimping tool View of the crust formed by the crimping tool

Photos of the pasty crimper and its use

We believe this is an invention for poor maids up to England who can't crimp pasties properly for theirselves.  It is plain to see that the crust on this pasty idn' nothing like a Cornish-made crust at all - there idn' no roll to'n!

If the truth be told, this device is really for some of those foreign pasties like empanadas, pierogies and such and they can be VERY small. If you put "cornish pasty maker", "dough press", "empanada press", "pierogi press", "calzone press" or "turnover press" into that electric internet Google thing, you can usually find all sorts of things to do with this e.g. progressive dough press set. Sometimes you can find items for sale on ebay as a "cornish pasty maker".

Acknowledgements: We are very grateful to Miss Sandra Balmaiden (a fine woman) for the loan of the pasty crimper. Miss Balmaiden is no relation to Mrs Marcia Balmaiden who made the matching hen and cock pasties for us on The Cornish Pasty.


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