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Pasty-flavoured crisps
(American: Pasty-flavored potato chips)


The Cornish Pasty brings you a "new kid on the block" in the pasty world, an' ee's from Cornwall, too! was the maker's web site with the story of the pasty-flavoured crisp, made in St Austell: has the background story HERE, dated 3 March 2009.

Lusty Pirate Cornish Pasty-flavoured crisps

The packets are quite eye-catching and the back of the packet carries nutritional information along with a local legend, of which there are four stories: about King Arthur, the Giant of St Michaelís Mount (Cormoran, already mentioned HERE), the Mermaid of Zennor and Morgawr and the Falmouth sea monster.

For those of the vegetarian persuasion, there is also a vegetarian pasty version.

They are manufactured in St Austell, Cornwall, by:

Sharon Parker
Lusty Pirate Crisps
St Austell
PL25 3RL

Tel. 01726 811 811
Fax: 01726 814 997

So, there you go, m'hearties, another true story. As always, The Cornish Pasty electric web site continues to bring 'ee only the facts .....

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