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The pasty fly

The Cornish Pasty can reveal that pasties on the tree sometimes attract what appears to be a dark coloured fly. This has been reported many times. Only last year we were sent a photograph of a fly on a pasty .....

The so-called pasty fly


With a little effort on the camera, we have managed to get a better picture .....

The so-called pasty fly, which is actually a croust beetle

Anyone can see that this is no special fly, in fact he's not a fly at all because he has wing cases! That makes it a beetle. Also, if you look closely, you can see it has red eyes - its a croust beetle!

It has been explained already, on the croust beetle page, that Cornish pasties are resistant to beetle.

So there is another myth destroyed - there is no such thing as the pasty fly.

I sometimes wonder about the things people say about our Cornish pasty .....


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