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The learnings of Henry "Oggy" Trelissick, Esq - III

The Oggianophyceae


When my good friend, Mr Henry "Oggy" Trelissick, told me he was writing a scholarly treatise about the pasty family, I was so excited that I just had to share the news with you. Here is what his working first draft d'look like but it is marked "DO NOT QUOTE", so we had better not, then. But, 'tis so exciting!



Notes for first draft - DO NOT QUOTE

Working Title:

The Celtic Diaspora in Prehistory and the Archaeobotany of the Oggianophyceae

 History tells us that the Celtic peoples were much feared as invaders in the 5th - 3rd centuries BC. Rome 387BC (PLINEY, Nat. Hist. 12.2.5). Delphi 279. Asia Minor 278 (HERODITOS,4, 149-58)  It can be argued that this was a second wandering of the Celtic tribes and that their previous passage through the Old World is marked by fossilized remains and archaeological artifacts of pasticulture and pasty consumption.
Modern Genetic studies also have their part to play.



Cornwall. Expound on cultivation and Culture as far as politic

Devonshire Tiddy Oggy or Oggie as derivative artifact in attempt to steal Cornish mining magic

Bedfordshire Clanger - fruit & meat -!!. Priddy Oggie - Somerset - even more derived from Devonshire oggy

Lancashire Foot ] degraded remnant of a former flourishing culture. Bog Bodies' last

SCOTLAND -Forfar Bridie}  meals not 'gruel'. Ayrshire "oggy" burials

IRELAND no Pasties. Cf snakes

Absent in WALES as a result of the Roman persecution of the Druids. Pasty groves felled. Tribes of N and S Wales of Irish extraction


FRANCE. The Chausson  - true bred  v. rare these days, almost extinct. Again due to a Roman over-reaction after hearing rumours of great wealth concealed in the sacred groves of Armorica.   Nowadays, all France overwhelmingly partakes of the sweet chausson, which has spread  from the South and East and is  now heavily hybridised with the AUSTRO-GERMAN Strüdel strain (HEYSSICHER-SCHMIDT, 1942. Strüdelblütenstaub als Eroberer in Frankreich. Ann.Königl.Past.Zücht.Ver.Marburg, 84, (3), 134-139.) (1)

True pasty maintained by only a few families in CORNOUAILLES - Kernev-Veur. They have maintained Celtic Oral Tradition: living under greatly reduced circumstaces: sacrifices made to preserve the faith. Taken under vow of secrecy to visit and sample Breton chausson. Very similar to Cornish - side crimp. Cock and hen. Cruchier, more fragile crust (no mining tradition) and very delicately flavoured 'innards' (?Garlic?)


Discuss whether present day BRETON population and Culture derived from CORNWALL, or vice versa. King Arthus, Lancelot. The arrival of the Romans and the Cornish attitude to 'bleddy incomers'

Once again, you d'find only the facts on The Cornish Pasty.