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World Pasty Championships

Saturday 3rd March 2012

At the Eden Project
Cornwall's Famous Scientific Project and Premier Eco-Tourist Attraction


The Cornish Pasty can now proudly report on the first World Pasty Championships.  These were held at the amazing Eden Project, the modern Noah's Ark of world plants and ecosystems where the visitor can experience so much of this planet's botanical wonders without leaving the country.  For a good overview, check out the Wikipedia - Eden Project link.

Now ..... ..... to pasties!

My attention was first drawn to this event with a BBC News story from 1st January 2012: Eden Project to hold first World Pasty Championships.  The event was to be held on a very significant date - just two days before Cornwall's national day - St Piran's Day (5th March).

When the great day came, there was a varied program of events for the enjoyment of all who came. The local brewer (let's get my priorities right!), Sharps of Rock, Cornwall, put on a special beer for the event - what else could it be called but Oggy Ale!  The whole event was updated throughout the day ona special weblog, here: Live updates from the World Pasty Championships - there is even a photograph of Oggy Ale being served! If you want the full story of this exciting world-first pasty event, then take a look at the live update link.


There were four categories of pasties in the championships .....
  1. Cornish Pasty - Professional
    For individuals who work in the professional catering trade. The pasties had to comply with the European Union Protected Geographical Indication guidelines.

  2. Cornish Pasty - Amateur
    For individuals whose pasties comply with the PGI status guidelines but who do not work in the catering industry.
  3. Open Savoury Pasty - Professional
    For professional bakers or cooks, where unusual savoury recipes are welcome.
  4. Open Savoury Pasty - Amateur
    For amateur bakers and cooks, where unusual savoury recipes are welcome.




Cornish Pasty Association
All the entrants in the Cornish Pasty categories had to conform to the traditional recipe laid down by the European Union Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI).  This means that only pasty makers based in Cornwall who make pasties in a traditional manner and who follow a traditional recipe are able to label their products as genuine Cornish pasties.


NB - All photographs were kindly provided by the Eden Project .....

The all-important judging at the World Pasty Championships. There were 20 judges judging 102 entries.


Graham Cornish, Liskeard, of Ginsters Pasties, double winner of Cornish Pasty - Professional and Open Savoury - Professional categories. His savoury pasty contained a selection of smoked Cornish fish, parsley, saffron and Cornish clotted cream. I bet 'ee tasted 'ansum!


Billy Deakin, Mount Hawke, Redruth, winner of the Cornish Pasty- Amateur category.


Suzanne Mason, Bristol, winner of the Open Savoury - Amateur category with her pasty that contained wild rabbit poached in cider and leeks, with peas and lemon zest.


Proud winners of the World Pasty Championships, 2012.


Pasty world champions

The top three in each category were:

Cornish Pasty Professional
1 Graham Cornish of Ginsters in Callington, Cornwall
2 Ryan Smedley of Chough Bakery in Padstow, Cornwall
3 Jason Jobling of Warrens Bakery in Penzance, Cornwall

Cornish Pasty Amateur
1 Billy Deakin of Mount Hawke, Cornwall
2 Kathy Vian of Sticker, Cornwall
3 Tamsin Bunt of Penwithick, Cornwall

Open Savoury Professional
1 Graham Cornish of Ginsters in Callington, Cornwall
2 Luisa Ead of Chough Bakery in Padstow, Cornwall
3 Jay Sebastian of Bridgeport Pasty Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Open Savoury Amateur
1 Suzanne Manson of Bristol
2 Laura Jayne Atkinson of Truro, Cornwall
3 Gem Witchalls of Truro, Cornwall

Data as provided by the Eden Project Blog.


Other competitors were Mike Amery, born St Austell but now living in Pennsylvania, USA, and Beverley Milner of the Cornish Maids bakery, Camelford, who baked a two-course pasty with a savoury filling at one end and a sweet filling at the other.

There is a video and other photos to be seen on a Mirror News web page.

As always, the facts are once again proudly presented by the The Cornish Pasty.


Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Tom Trinkle, of the Eden Project, for his help and co-operation in the production of this web page.


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