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There's something about a pasty

Written by Brenda Wootton

With an extra verse by Jim Wearne - see this page

Cornish folk song recorded by Brenda Wootton

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From the "Pasties & Cream" album, a rare LP or CD .....

There's something about a pasty
There's something about a pasty
There's something about a pasty that is fine fine fine

It may be the way you make it
It may be the way you bake it
It may be the way you hang it on the line line line

You can keep your fancy dishes
My one and only wish is
To see them pasties marching out in line line line

When you taste that 'ansome crust
You could eat until you bust
There's something about a pasty that is fine fine fine!


Some history from those days of Cornish folk music

The album "More Singing at the Count House" was recorded on 11 November 1965 and produced and distributed by The Count House Folk Music Club, Botallack, St Just, Cornwall. This was a "live" recording attended by my family (KR), unfortunately I was away at university at the time. The artists were Brenda Wootton, John the Fish, Des Hannigan and Mel & Miles. The club started in June 1964.

The songs on the album .....

Side 1
  • Green Eyes - John

  • Johnny I hardly knew ye - Des

  • Fan me soldier man - Mel & Miles

  • Lamorna - Brenda & John

  • Nobody knows you - John

  • Careless love - Brenda & John

  • Haul 'em away - Mel

  • 100 years ago - Mel

  • Wild mountain thyme - Des & John

Side 2

  • There ain't no more cane - John

  • The flowers of spring - Des

  • High Germany - Miles

  • Two brothers - Brenda & John

  • I wish I was a rock - John

  • Mrs McGrath - Des

  • Derby ram - Mel & Miles

  • Harp song - Brenda & John

  • Old time religion - John & all


Prior to this LP there had been an EP - "Singing at the Count House" - sadly, we can't find it


Photograph from the album cover of "More Singing at the Count House" by permission of the Sunday Independent newspaper

Photograph from the album cover of "More Singing at the Count House" taken by David Wills
Reproduced by kind permission of The Sunday Independent newspaper (Ref. tel.JN.3.7.07)
From left: Brenda, John the Fish, Mel & Miles with Des Hannigan (standing)

"Pipers Folk"
was another album by Brenda and "Fish" that was issued in 1968 and distributed by CBS on a blue label bearing an image of Pan playing Pan pipes but with no other name. The sleeve notes record that the club, Pipers Folk, was founded in May 1967 in the village hall at St Buryan when the Count House became unavailable. Pipers Folk was named after The Pipers standing stones not far away, as are the Merry Maidens and Blind Fiddler, all turned to stone for playing and dancing on a Sunday

The songs on the album .....

Side 1
  • Far side of the hill
  • Bradey Bradey
  • Stars
  • Come all ye fair and tender maidens
  • A good man is hard to find
  • When morning breaks
  • Chickens
  • I'm troubled

Side 2

  • Stagalee

  • Coming of the roads

  • Hold on to me, babe

  • Cockleshells

  • Round and round

  • Winter winds of sorrow

  • The first time ever

  • Tom Bawcock's eve

Chickens ..... ..... ..... never to be forgotten!

Writing this in June 2007, the Count House/folk scene started forty-three years ago .....

Looking back, it hardly seems credible that Brenda, who was a regular presenter on BBC Radio Cornwall and one of the real voices of Cornwall, died in 1994. It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were listening to her up on the 'stage' at the Count House with a backdrop of fishing nets singing her haunting songs and favourites like "Careless love", "Lamorna" and "There's something about a pasty" .....

Interestingly, neither of these LPs are mentioned among the list of her recordings in her entry in Wikipedia. Once again, The Compleat Pastypaedia brings 'ee the compleat facts!

Also, while the Count House story may seem lost in the mists of time*, it is on record on the electric internet - HERE - as told by John the Fish himself!!!

The page even mentions Ricky & the Layabouts ..... now there's a test of memory and nostalgia

* "the mists of time" or "the mists of St Just and St Buryan"? I remember driving home in the mist and drizzle a few times, with people getting out of the car to see where the hedge was!


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So there you have it, a famous song about the pasty .....


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