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"How to Make an Award-Winning Cornish Pasty"

A Kickstart Campaign to produce a new book by

Billy Deakin, two-time World Pasty Champion

(See project update below)


The Cornish Pasty reported on the first World Pasty Championships that were held at the Eden Project in March, 2012. This year there were more categories:


From 2012 - the winner of the Cornish Pasty - Amateur category, Billy Deakin ..... making him a World Pasty Champion!

Billy Deakin, Mount Hawke, Redruth, winner of the Cornish Pasty Championships - Amateur category, 2012.


In 2013, he won it again!


Billy Deakin, Mount Hawke, Redruth, winner of the Cornish Pasty Championships - Amateur category, 2013.


Now, Billy is preparing a book to self-publish, and is doing it through a Kickstarter campaign. This is an opportunity for you to be involved in this exciting project by pledging some money (however much) to back the project - you know I will be because I have a web page on The Cornish Pasty about every pasty book ever published!

The target is to get 1200 pledged by 10.01 am on Wednesday 17th April. Looking at the web page today (Sun. 24 March), I see there are already 41 backers who have pledged 516, with 21 days to go so its about half-way there already. I think the boy will do it and I want a bit of the action!!

If pledges reach 1500, then 5 more recipes will be added to the book and all backers of 4 and more will receive an extra free PDF recipe collection. If backing reaches 2,000 then Billy will make a video showing exactly how Billy makes his Cornish pasty step by step, giving all his tips and techniques from making the pastry to crimping and everything else. The video will be hosted at and all backers from 4 upwards will get access.


The Kickstarter page: How to Make an Award-Winning Cornish Pasty gives details of backers' rewards:


There is an option to suit everyone - I can see this project being very successful and can't wait to get my own copy of the book to add to my pasty library!

Press release:

Besides quietly making his pasties at home in Cornwall, and winning two pasty world championships and has appeared on TV's Masterchef programmes twice.


Kickstarter Project update

There have been a number of emails from Kickstarter keeping us up-to-date with Billy's efforts - he has found it more involved to produce a book than he had anticipated!

However, Update #16, dated 14th September, says: "Well it's finally done ... research, writing, editing, photography, type setting, cover design, more editing, proofing, final file preparation and now the book has finally gone to the printers - proper job!"

He should have the first copy in his hands on 26th Sept. and assuming there are no final corrections, the presses will roll and we will have a brand new pasty book!


Billy Deakin
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All the championship winners, 2013.



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