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Baked, boiled, steamed or fried pasties?

In Cornwall, proper pasties are almost always baked in the oven. Other pasties from around the world are often prepared by other means, as listed below .....

Baked Boiled Fried
    Shallow-fried Deep-fried
America - USA      
Argentine/empanada   Argentine empanada  
    Bolivian Salteñas  
Chinese/Jiaozi Jiaozi (or steamed) Jiaozi  
East-Euro Knish   East-European Knish  
Finnish kalakukko      
French pâté & chausson      
German bierock      
German runza      
Greek spanakotiropita?      
Italian calzone     Italian calzone
Italian panzerotti   Italian panzerotti Italian panzerotti
  Russian pelmeni, pierogi or perogi or pyrogy, koldunai, kreplah, manti.    
Mexican paste      
    Mid-East (Egypt, Iraq, Iran etc), N&E African sambusac  
  Polish/Slavic pierogi Polish/Slavic pierogi Polish/Slavic pierogi
Scottish bridie      
Albania - byreb      
Armenia - boereg      
Bulgaria - Бюрек, Byurek      
Greece - Μπουρέκι, Bouréki, or Μπουρεκάκι, Bourekáki      
Israel - bourekas      
Russia - cheburek      
Tunisia - brik      
Turkey - börek      
  Ukrainian - vareniki    
Uzbek samsa Uzbek manty (steamed)    
Welsh Oggy      

"Penryn is also known for making a boiled pasty" in Food - Your guide to the best eating in the South-West, although the original page is now no longer available. The only other mention we know of is in The Official Encyclopaedia of the Cornish Pasty.

Now you can see, there's more to pasties than you first think .....


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