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The Cornish Pasty presents something that my parents would never have thought possible - pasties made entirely of chocolate!



Chocolate pasty
The Chocolate Pasty




Chocolate pasty in its packaging


Chocolate pasty packaging detail
Photographing the pasty in its hard plastic cover is difficult because of unavoidable reflections The descriptive labelling on the back of the packaging

The Chocolate Pasty and its packaging


The pasty is of milk chocolate, weighs 200 grams, and cost 3.99 at Philp's Bakery, Hayle.

In truth, this is a novelty item. There isn't a lot to say about it - except that it tastes fine! It is close to full-milk chocolate but it satisfies several health issues in that it is gluten-free, it contains no hydrogenated fats, no artificial colouring agents, no artificial flavours and is suitable for vegetarians. The only minor concern is as this is written (11 Sep. 2010) the web address on the packaging: does not work.  There is another source of chocolate pasties at Kernow Chocolate, based in St. Eval, who have their own chocolate pasty page, weight 70 grams, price 2.00. The pasty shown is smaller and a little more curved on the turn-over side (i.e. the side away from the crust) than the one pictured above.

I bet you didn't expect to find this on The Cornish Pasty .....



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