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Modern pasties

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This Cornish pasty web page about modern pasties edn't finished yet! Please come back again, d'reckly .........


There are two types of pasty - the natural one, of course, and the man-made ones

Each type has two sub-groups

Class: The Cornish Pasty
Subclass: Natural Man-made
Group: Cultivated Wild Home-made Bakery-made

Classification of the Cornish pasty


This page is only concerned with bakery pasties

For information about natural (i.e. orchard and wild) pasties, see .....

Now, prepare 'ee-selves for a treat .....


Hampsons steak pasty
A Hampsons beef pasty, Hayle, one of the finest pasties made


Hampsons pasty complete with the bag Hampsons - The same pasty complete with the bag - being a smaller concern, the bag is not a "company" bag but its what's inside that counts - and these pasties most most certainly count!

Pity you can't see what's inside'n - 'tis proper 'andsome - or should that be proper Hampson!!



Philps premium steak pasty
A Philps pasty, Hayle, another of the finest pasties made - the "p" indicates premium steak

Philps premium pasty with bag Philps - The same pasty with the Philps bag, almost a collector's item in itself.

What a fine crust for a proper pasty!


 Compare the crust of the Philps pasty above with the crust of the Warrens pasty below .....
..... and they say there is no such thing as left and right-handed pasties (also, see Hen & Cock Pasties)


Warrens pasty
A Warrens pasty, Hayle, another of Cornwall's finest pasties
found across the whole county and up to Bristol
We are so lucky in Hayle!
Actually, their head office is in St Just, but never mind .....

Warrens pasty with bag

Warrens - The same pasty with the Warrens trademark bag


It hev to be said, Hayle is a very fortunate place, indeed!


Ivor Dewdney pasty
An Ivor Dewdney® pasty, a famous Plymouth pasty name
with a side crust, not a top crimp!


Ivor Dewdney pasty with bag Ivor Dewdney - The same pasty as shown above but with its trademark "Ivor Dewdney®" bag


Ginsters pasty
A Ginsters pasty, bought in a Plymouth supermarket (Morrisons)
available across the country
at motorway stops, supermarkets and sporting and other venues


Ginsters pasty with wrapper Ginsters - the same pasty with its bag, a modern convenience food version of the culinary icon

Not that the other pasties are not .....
they are probably the forerunner convenience meal
for the tin miners and farmers
of Scilly, Cornwall & Devon



Here is a modern hybrid (Cornish-Devon) pasty from South Devon .......

Ivubridge pasty, Devon

Top view - note Devon top crimp at the left end and Cornish side crimp at the right end
Ivybridge pasty, end showing top crimp Ivybridge pasty, other end showing side crimp
End view of the top crimp end

End view of the side crimp end
- although not a proper Cornish side crimp


New pasties ... !

Besides the traditional or proper Cornish pasty, there are new, modern versions.

These are exemplified by the West Cornwall Pasty Company, based at Porthleven, Cornwall. Their products list .....

Also, Ginsters, Callington, have introduced the Mexican-style, Indian-style and Italian-style Pasty,

Hurrah for The Cornish Pasty!


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