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Pasties by other names

So far, we have found 58 names for pasties and pasty-like dishes around the world, although some are similar derivations of a generic or regional name.

Photos of many pasties are shown here - more details are given on the original web pages, reached by the link under each photo or the name in the numbered bullet list.

  1. bierock (Germany)

  2. boereg (Armenia)

  3. börek (Turkey)

  4. bourekas (Israel)

  5. bouréki, Μπουρέκι, or bourekáki, Μπουρεκάκι (Greece)

  6. brik (Tunis)

  7. burek (former Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Serbia)              

  8. byrek (Albania)

  9. byurek, Бюрек (Bulgaria)

  10. calzone (Italy)

  11. chamusa (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Indonesia)

  12. chausson (France)

  13. cheburek (Russia)

  14. clanger (Bedfordshire, UK)

  15. empanada (Spain & Spanish-speaking countries)

  16. empanadilla (Spain & Spanish-speaking countries)

  17. Forfar bridie (Scotland)

  18. gyōza (Japanese)

  19. jiaozi (China, Korea)

  20. kalakukko (Finland)

  21. Karelian karjanpiirakat (Finland)

  22. Koldunai (Russia)

  23. knish (east European, Jewish)

  24. Kreplah (Russia)

  25. manti (Russia)

  26. manty (Uzbekistan)

  27. oggy (Cornwall & Devon, UK)

  28. panzarotti (Italy)

  29. paste (Mexico)

  30. pastelito (Portugal)

  31. pastez (Brittany)

  32. pastie (Northern Ireland)

  33. pâté - en croűte (France)

  34. patty (West Indies, Carribean esp. Jamaica)

  35. pelmeni (Russia)

  36. perogi (Polish, Slavic)

  37. perogy (Polish, Slavic)

  38. pierogi (Polish, Slavic)

  39. pieroshki (Polish, Slavic)

  40. piroghi (Polish, Slavic)

  41. pirogi (Polish, Slavic)

  42. piroshki (Polish, Slavic)

  43. Priddy oggy (Somerset, UK)

  44. pyrohy (Polish, Slavic)

  45. runza (Germany)

  46. salteńa (Bolivia)

  47. samboosa (Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Indonesia)

  48. samboussa (middle East, north and east Africa)

  49. sambusac (Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Indonesia)

  50. sambusac (middle East, north and east Africa)

  51. samosa (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Indonesia)

  52. samsa (Uzbekistan)

  53. simbusak (Middle East, north and east Africa)

  54. somsat (Kyrgyzstan)

  55. spanakotiropita, spanakotiropites (Greece)

  56. tiddy oggy (Cornwall & Devon, UK)

  57. vareniki (Ukraine)

  58. Welsh oggie (Wales) 


Argentinian empanada

Bolivinan salteńas

Chilean empanada

Egyptian sambusacs

French chausson-viande

German bierock

Greek spanakotiropita

Italian calzone

Italian panzarotti

Jamaican patties

Mexican pastes

Polish / Slav pierogi

Russian koldunai

Russian pelmeni (uncooked)

Scottish Forfar bridie

Spanish / Cuban pastelitos

Turkish borek

Ukrainian vareniki

Welsh oggie

The world-wide need for an all-in-one meal-in-the-hand is quite clear! 

There are quite a few pasties or pasty-like preparations around the world that are similar to the Cornish pasty.


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