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Pasty Tax!

A pome wrote by Graham Coad, of Hayle

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Now I really like a pasty and I like the bugger ot,

an a pasty often cost me all the cash that I have got.


So if the bleddy gummunt add on the VEEAYTEE

I shent be able t'ave one fer me dinner or me tea!


Tes more than jes a pie you see, an more than jes a treat,

tes a bit of Cornish Culture that meks life a bit mor sweet.


We bin eating them fer centuries so I spec we went stop now

but we'll remember next election, how you taxed our favourite chow!


From Lands End to the Tamar I hope you all will note,
not a Libral Dem ner Tory should get a single vote!


I knaw our George and Andrew voted right on pasty tax
an this is nothing persnal, but this pome you can take back

to David bleddy Cameron, and George bleddy Osborne too,
that tax upon our culture and identity won't do!

Repeal this hated Pasty Tax and do us all a favour,
So we can buy the pasties that add to Cornwall's flavour.

Cornwall is a special place I think we all agree
We deserve our pasties and we want them Duty Free!

Copyright Graham Coad 2012


Acknowledgement: We are very grateful to Graham, a fine upstanding Hayle boy like myself (KR), for 'es kind permission to put 'es pome on The Cornish Pasty.



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